This is my collection of inspiration, references, and playlists that I really like; also I'm making an effort to keep my main blog separate from this one~ c:
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21 April

she's a maneater;     twenty songs devoted to the girls with their middle fingers up, not giving a fuck.         [listen.]

001. really don’t care; demi lovato. 002. express yourself/born this way; ariana grande. 003. trouble; neon jungle. 004. hard out here; lily allen. 005. fu; miley cyrus. 006. do it like a dude; jessie j. 007. fancy; iggy azalea. 008. misery business; paramore. 009. run the world; beyonce. 010. just a girl; no doubt. 011. royals (the weeknd remix); lorde. 012. crown on the ground; sleigh bells. 013. maneater; nelly furtado. 014. bubblegum bitch; marina and the diamonds. 015. acapella; karmin. 016. grow a pear; ke$ha. 017. if you can afford me; katy perry. 018. fuck you; lily allen. 019. i love it; icona pop. 020. kill my boyfriend; natalia kills. 
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18 April

Some links I have found in various Tumblr Posts that I have saved on my computer. I do not take credit for collecting all these links. Unfortunately, I did not have the mind to save/note where these various links come from. Thank you to whoever compiled these links together.
General Writing Tips, Guides and Advice

How to be Confident in Your WritingStart Your Novel Already!Why First Chapters MatterHow to Outline a NovelIncorporating FlashbacksWord Building 101Common Mistakes in WritingTips on Getting StartedWhat Not to Do7 Tips to Become a Better Writer from Stephen KingHow to Use Reading to Become a Better WriterWhy Writers Must ReadHow to Finish What You Start: A Five-Step Plan for Writers31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing10 Tips to Write FanfictionWriting a Blurb10 Writing TipsPerfecting DescriptionPoint of ViewSpeed Up Your WritingRecieving Bad NewsUseful Writing AppsAvoiding ClichésWriting LessonsFinding Inspiration

Plot and Conflict

What is Conflict?Where’s Your Conflict?Adding Conflict to Your ScenesGuides for Using Inner Conflict That Makes SensePlotting Your NovelInternal and External ConflictThe Top Ten Plotting ProblemsThe Elements of Plot DevelopmentPlot HelpWriting a Plot Your Own WayPlot DevelopmentDevelop a PlotTension and ConflictYour Plot, Step by StepPlot vs. ExpositionPlot and Conflict

Character Development
How to Describe the Body Shape of Female Characters
Character Apperance HelpWords to Describe VoiceBody Language Cheat SheetCharacter Development Exercises101 Character Development QuestionsArt of Character DevelopmentIntroducing CharactersCharacters You Need to ReinventMaking Characters LikeableHeros and VillainsDescribing ClothingUnderstanding Body Language100 Positive TraitsMental Illness in WritingConflicts and CharactersIndifferent, Distant CharactersBitchy CharactersDescribing VoiceBeing a BitchHeartless BitchWriting Nice CharactersCharacter QuestionnaireMental DisordersWriting Characters with Mental IllnessWriting Male CharactersPlaying Male CharactersBreaking SterotypesCharacters with GlassesRebellious CharactersWriting Female CharactersWriting Intriuging Male and Female Characters

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
Placement of Speech Tags
Grammar and SpellingGrammar Slammer!American vs. British GrammarHyperGrammarGrammar GirlPunctuating DialogueHow to Use the SemicolonIntroduction to the Basic Rules of PunctuationComma 101All About Dialouge11 Grammar TipsComma UsageCorrect Use of ApostropheProofreadingTransition Words40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and PunctuationBetter Writing: Grammar & SpellingSemicolons and ColonsUnderlining and ItalicizingDashes and ParenthesesHyphensApostrophesThe EllipsisList of 1000+ Adjectives

All About Names
List of Names
100 Most Popular NamesSci-Fi Names Sci-Fi Names Part 2Name BerryBehind the NameFantasy Name Generator20,000+ Names From Around the WorldVictorian Era NamesHow to Choose a NameNaming Your CharactersGive Your Character the Perfect NameName that Character!10 Tips to Name Your Character

Genre Based
20 Tips to Writing Love Scenes
On Love And SexAll That Sex!Writing “Real” Men in Romance FictionKissingHow to Write a Kissing Scene: Valentine EditionHow to Write a Kiss? And Should You Write Sex?The Keys to ConflictWriting Gender-Specific DialougeThings Smut Writers Should KnowHow to Write a Sex Scene3 Secrets to Writing SexWriting Love ScenesWhy You Should Write Love StoriesHow to Write HorrorHorror Sub-GenresHorror Plot Cliches25 Things You Should Know About Writing HorrorPlot and Character in Horror Fiction7 Laws of Comedy5 Secrets for Improving Comedy WritingHow to Break into ComedyHow to Be FunnyMystery Writing Lessons10 Rules for MysteryMystery Writing

Word Count
Story Starters & idea GeneratorsFifty Quick Writing PromptsWrite or DieWriting Prompt GeneratorDictionary.comThesaurus.comOxford DictionarySpanish DictionaryMedical DictionaryYour DictionaryA Bunch of Character Questionnaires
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13 April

[ c l i c k  t o  l i s t e n ]
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01 April

ʀᴘʜᴇʟᴘᴇʀ sᴜɢɢᴇsᴛs ғᴀᴄᴇ ᴄʟᴀɪᴍs: mermaids
              Jade Thompson ✘ Malese Jow ✘ Nikki Reed             Lulu Antariksa ✘ Allison Harvard ✘ Juno Temple             Emmy Rossum ✘ Vanessa Hudgens ✘ Alex Steele
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27 March




some nice programs to draw

  • mtPaint: free source tool designed to make pixel art. for Linux or Windows.


  • character maker: it’s to make charsets for rpgmaker but you can use it for whatever you want. it’s in both english and spanish.



  • sekka: free source tool to draw things like these:


Can I add Pixen? It’s Mac OSX only, but it’s really nice. You can make gifs and animations with it, too!


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23 March

p a g e: ɪɴᴛᴇʀʟᴜᴅᴇ↳ Preview ▪ Code (Wait for 5 seconds and click ‘Skip Ad’)
Family/relationships/biases/otp/network page theme.
Images are 100px x 310px.
Shows url when hover over image.
You can freely adjust the number of members you want.
Scrolls horizontally.
Try to keep the description short.
Notes are included in the code itself for reference.
Please reblog/like if using. 
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22 March
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22 March


Skull in a salt lake

Wow that is the highest quality gif I have ever seen!

It looks like I’m actually there
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21 March

i do not care: dance away your troubles [ l i s t e n ]

|| she’s thunderstorms - arctic monkeys || rebel rebel - david bowie || good times - matt costa || aberdeen - cage the elephant || i’ll melt with you - modern english || roam - the b-52’s || gold on the ceiling - the black keys || don’t stop (color on the walls) - foster the people || send me on my way - rusted root || dog days are over - florence + the machine || little numbers - boy || lies - chvrches || don’t look back in anger - oasis  || father of mine - everclear || young folks - the kooks || jealous again - black crowes || proof - paramore || everybody loves me - onerepublic || salute your solution - the raconteurs || i will wait - mumford & sons || hey ya! - outkast || 1979 - smashing pumpkins || stompa - serena ryder || i wanna be sedated - ramones || 24 hours - sky ferreira || anna sun - walk the moon || sex - the 1975 || howlin for you - the black keys || what’s the frequency, kenneth - r.e.m. || nine in the afternoon - panic! at the disco ||
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19 March


If you have problems focusing while you write, try using ILYS.

The site is coded so that you can’t see what you are writing, only the last letter, and you can’t edit anything until you get to your words goal.
This means you have to focus on writing and what’s on your mind, and not the editing of what you have written so far.
You have to write or you can’t edit.
Once you hit your goal you can edit and write normally, or go back and use ilys once again.

Since you don’t have to worry about editing, you can let your creativity flows.
It can be frustrating, but it’s also liberating because you have to let it go.

Write first, edit later.